A COMPELLING show that intelligently highlights what it is to be spoilt in a bucket list society. MC Ed Byrne captured the audience on week four of his tour with a stage presence that you couldn’t not enjoy!

The Mock the Week TV personality is known for his quick wit and comedic timing, and there was no absence of that at The Theatre Royal Winchester ‘s opening night as he deliberates over the spoilt - push start button - era the world is now accustomed too. He himself admits to be bringing up two ‘posh English boys’ – Magnus and Cosmo – reminiscing on extravagant trips to Lapland, giant trampolines, and the taste for elderflower cordial.

Referring to himself as the ‘long-haired pikey’, Ed’s upbringing distinctly contrasts the lavish trips his children are privileged to, with his evenings spent in the pub car park waiting for his dad to finish ‘getting lathered’, drinking a lemonade and indulging in a packet of crisps. Ed’s familiar anecdotes were a shared memory with the demographic on last Thursday evening’s performance.

His passion for the outdoors was a pinnacle of conversation, reflecting on his failed attempts to teach his children the hard way and instead treating them to questionable snail chats at the zoo! His enthusiasm for nature was evident but mildly overshadowed by his passion for music – as he incorporated a rock-esque soundtrack which impressively set the tone of the show as it played before, during and after his commendable act.

Ed’s performance was slick, charming and well crafted – somewhat expected after 25 years in the business.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for his support act, Paul Myrehaug, a Canadian comedian, who opened with a testicle joke – in Winchester.

Myrehaug awkwardly admitted to ‘feeling the love’ from an audience who clearly didn’t appreciate the binge-culture jokes.

Society’s ‘bespoke’ truths are unravelled in an evening equipped with material for all ages. Ed Byrne captured the audience with his charismatic wit and left us all wanting more. Till next time Ed!

Ashleigh Willmott