Bishop's Waltham

21/01217/FUL, Mark Cooke, replan of plots 1, 65 and 66 to provide five units with associated access via Albany Road, land to the west of Tangier Lane.

Colden Common

21/01542/TPO, Robert Barrett, tree works, High Ridge, 51 Spring Lane.


21/01185/HOU, Pickles, erection of a single storey, rear elevation, oak framed garden room, 1 Horton Farm Cottages, Lockhams Road.


21/01135/LDP, James Leek, single storey garage to replace existing garage structure in similar location, The Shambles, Hambledon Road.

21/01164/HOU, Mr and Ms Farr, single storey rear extension, two storey side extension, double garage and first floor homes office, Pavey Ark, Edneys Lane.

21/01199/HOU, Mr Andrews, two storey rear extension, 31 The Meadow.

21/01204/HOU, Damien Holden, installation of a new clear-glazed Velux window in existing bathroom along the eastern side elevation, Guelder Cottage, Uplands Road.

21/01206/HOU, Mr Green, ground floor rear extension to replace existing conservatory, East Point, Thompsons Lane.

21/01499/TPO, Decima Daniels, tree works, 34 Ashling Park Road.

Littleton and Harestock

21/01111/HOU, Kerri Hollick, refurbishment and reconfiguration of existing house and replacement of existing annex with new living accommodation; erection of single storey carport and reconfiguration of the parking area, Lomondside, 2 Main Road.

21/01116/HOU, Barry Haskey, single storey rear extension to garage, with garage conversion and new roof to garage; new rear bay windows, 115 Harestock Road.

21/01180/HOU, Steve and Zoe Jenkins, two storey extension connected to existing building by glazed link and detached open fronted car port with small study within the roof space, Crabwood Cottage, Main Road.

21/01502/TPO, Mrs Edmond, tree works, The Spinney, 10 Harestock Road.

New Alresford

21/01118/HOU, Mr Rehman, two-storey extension, 1 Lime Road.

21/01119/HOU, Warner, single storey rear and side extension following demolition of existing conservatory; replacement porch, Sannox, Tichborne Down.

21/01474/TPC, applicant not listed, tree works including fell, Cardew House, East Street.


21/01191/FUL, James Reed, employee outdoor seating area, Coopers Fire Ltd, Ignis House, Proxima Park, Houghton Avenue.

21/01192/FUL, James Reed, four flagpoles and four flags, Coopers Fire Ltd, Ignis House, Proxima Park, Houghton Avenue.


21/01123/HOU, Mr and Mrs Cochrane, provision of a new cloak room, demolition of garage lean-to, replacement window, blocking up service door and new detached ancillary accommodation, Northington Hill House, Northington Hill.

Old Alresford

21/01216/HOU, Mr Spencer, retrospective consent for the erection of a replacement car port/open garage on footprint of previous structure, Park House, Colden Lane.


21/01079/FUL, Mr Phipps, construction of a single dwelling, Rosehill Villa, Winchester Road.

21/01101/LDP, Karen White, building extensions: hip to gable roof conversion with new rear dormer; single storey rear extension, 13 Forest Close.

21/01447/TPO, Sarah Clifford, tree works, 31 Provene Close.

21/01467/HOU, Mr and Mrs Barrow, side extension to dwelling, 63 Sandy Hill Close.


21/00898/FUL, Mark Cooper, erection of stable building to house two stables, Ingoldfield Farm, Whaysai Barn, Ingoldfield Lane.

21/01157/HOU, Mr and Mrs Ireland, single storey side and rear extensions, raising of the roof with elevational alterations and a proposed double garage, Kimberley, Forester Road.


21/01154/HOU, Mr and Mrs Watson, single storey site extension, Goaters Cottage, Ham Green.

21/01201/HOU, Mr and Mrs Beanland, removal of the existing domestic oil tank and replacement with a new domestic oil tank positioned on patio slabs and piers, Wayfarers, Woodman Lane.


21/01070/HOU, Matthew Austin, single storey side extension, Tamarisk, Mislingford Road.

21/01155/LDP, Mr Keen, construction of new rear single storey extension, 7 Glendale.

21/01197/HOU, Mr and Mrs Merry, second storey side extension and a replacement conservatory, 5 Medlicott Way.

South Wonston

21/01184/HOU, Mr Jones, single storey rear extension, 14 Rowan Close.


21/01153/LDP, Mr Brown, Certificate of Lawfulness for replacement windows; insertion of windows and roof lights in rear elevation and re-tiling of roof, 1 Lower House Cottages, Winchester Road.


21/00561/LIS, Elena Dvortsova, air conditioning unit, Eastgate House, 80 Eastgate Street.

21/00895/FUL, applicant not listed, demolition of boundary wall on east boundary, construction of new boundary wall in same location, 1 Norman Road.

21/01011/FUL, Mark Dodd, installation of an awning fixed to the ground, Abbey Mill, Colebrook Street.

21/01041/FUL, Chris Rees, alterations to 20/02666/FUL, Pitt Manor Cottage, Kilham Lane.

21/01091/HOU, Mr Ayling, rear conservatory, The Soke, 12 Chesil Street.

21/01110/LDP, Mr and Mrs Broadbent, loft conversion with rear dormer window, 1 Grange Close.

21/01114/HOU, Mr and Mrs Royall, extension of existing flat roof dormer to the rear elevation, to form ensuite; installation of one roof-light to the front elevation, 6 Monks Road.

21/01179/HOU, Steve Quigley, two-storey rear extension and associated alterations, 4 Avenue Road.

21/01183/HOU, Maunsell, remove existing utility room to rear of property and form new side infil and rear extension with skylights, 39 Parchment Street.

21/01187/HOU, Simon and Charlotte Lillford-Wildman, construction of a new ground floor rear outrigger infill extension and all associated works, 10 St Pauls Hill.

21/01219/HOU, Allison Jowitt, front extension to form additional living accommodation, Carlton Villa, 10 Compton Road.

21/01220/HOU, Jane Fish, new dormers to front and rear of existing loft conversion, 2 Trinity Gardens.

21/01224/HOU, Dr Robin Murray, wall-mounted condensation control unit, Parmenter House, Flat 2, Tower Street.

21/01387/FUL, Elena Dvortsova, air conditioning unit installed internally on second floor; vent to external rear, Eastgate House, 80 Eastgate Street.

21/01442/TPC, Lovejoy, tree works including fell, 1 Bankside House, Elm Road.

21/01473/TPC, Lee Faulkner, tree works, Chilcomb, St Giles, Northbrook Avenue.

21/01492/TPC, Ivo Hesmondhalgh, tree works including fell, The White House, Colebrook Street.

21/01494/HOU, John Snyder, material changes to the previously granted planning permission 20/02801/HOU, 22 Hampton Lane.


21/01166/LIS, Kerry Evans, Listed Building Consent for internal works to reconfigure the first-floor layout, Lavender Mead, Wonston Road.

21/01181/HOU, Kerry Evans, planning permission and listed building consent for the replacement of existing outbuildings with a new garden store and home office and associated works, Lavender Mead, Wonston Road.

21/01500/TPC, Mr Scott, tree works, 23 Upper High Street.