Sometimes it’s difficult to summon up the energy to get something done. Whether that’s a bit of cleaning, a little piece of work, or even simply a few emails.

My way of getting through that is to take a little walk out of town, up the steep steps on the Andover Road, and wander up St Giles Hill.

I’ll be out of breath by the time I get to the top, panting amongst the dogs being exercised, and peeling off more layers than all the fruit in the supermarket to just reach the top.

Having got to the summit though, I’m met with the most wonderful view of Winchester. It’s absolutely stunning, especially on a nice day like today.

And that’s when I start noticing all the different landmarks, and linking them with my personal memories – you can see pretty much all of city.

Which is when it makes me realise, I spent the last 7 years saying this is where I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do, and I’ve done it!

So if you ever get wrapped up in the gritty parts of day to day life, and forget to appreciate how very lucky you are, I suggest a wander up St Giles Hill. Especially for anyone who needs to summon up the energy to get a little task done.