We all learn in different ways. Some of us like to scold ourselves on a regular basis in the kitchen until we realise that particular surface is hot, and some of us write post-it notes whilst memorising random facts and figures.

I figured out I learnt best at espresso haunts, comfortable and friendly coffee shops if you will. Whilst studying, I wrote the majority of my dissertation in Winchester’s coffee shops, attached to both latte’s and wi-fi, and sweated over exam preparation in their comfy chairs and cushions.

I hear you shout, ‘You can’t revise in a place full of bustling people who all want to talk’, and as some of my earlier grades purveyed, you would be right. I spent most of my time, looking out onto our city’s streets, watching the traffic go by.

Winchester City centre is a great place to observe traffic chaos. Just yesterday, I observed drivers steaming while a car sat on Bridge Street's bridge did the same thing, making cars stationery all the way back up North Walls. But these kind of queues have happened on a daily basis for years, and so we need to find a solution.

For this reason, I'm quite intrigued by all these plans to make the city's roads a 'shared space' where pedestrian and automobile could happily live side by side without the need for kerbs or traffic lights. As we've seen in recent weeks, when our red, amber and green signals have stayed just dark, our city's traffic flows instead of snakes.

And despite being ticked off for speeding by our good friends of the law in the past, I fully support reducing the speed limit to 20mph. For anyone who's set their autopilot (cruise control) at 30mph and set off around the loop, it's actually quite dangerous.

At 20mph, it's a pleasure you can enjoy, both from the car and from the sofa with a cappuccino in hand.