There are a few things that we can guarantee will always happen in Winchester. King Alfred will stand at the foot of the Broadway, we’ll always argue over traffic roadworks in the one way system, and each September we’ll be over run by students coming to the University.

And this is something we should embrace. There are many economic arguments which exist which show how much the temporary student population benefits the area. For better or worse, the night time economy comes alive whereas during the summer periods, certain parts of the city centre are indeed dead. Indeed, many hundreds of people are directly or indirectly employed by this great bunch of happy, fun-loving young people every year.

Having spent yesterday evening bouncing around student fresher’s parties in Southampton city centre, it’s great to immerse yourself amongst people who have yet to be trodden into the 9-5 routine, who firmly believe that life is for enjoying.

It’s not easy to describe the feeling that these students project. Every single one of them gives off a happy vibe, with wide open eyes ready for three years of predicted parties, ready to meet as many people as possible and have experiences in a city ten times the size of the village they’ve grown up in. It’s an addictive atmosphere and one that will make Winchester a much happier place over the next few weeks.

Give the students a month, and they’ll all be coughing with freshers flu, wondering if there are any more creative ways in which to cook fish fingers, struggling with their chosen subjects and hating their flatmates late night antics whilst counting the remaining pennies, but for now – let students have their happiness.

A few traffic cones being moved from roadworks to student halls aren’t going to harm the world.