Winchester is a city that’s proud of itself. I think that’s a great way to be. People who live here puff out their chest and pull their shoulders back when asked “..and where do you reside?”. It’s quite cute, but very much deserved.

Consider our heritage, the beautiful structures, the historic lanes, the college, the surrounding countryside, the unique shopping experience, the low crime rate, the excellent education…. and the bins.

I have never seen such a hard effort go to repainting street bins, as I have been witnessing in the city recently.

if you haven’t noticed, contractors have been painstakingly refurbishing and repainting our waste bins that sit on pretty much every city street. This is no slapdash job; serious effort is taken on each and every bin to ensure consistency and perfection.

Once faded, and full of dirt, shamefully sat on the street corner appalled at what they wore, these receptacles for our throw away society are now gleaming with a coat of arms, and shining black and golf from every angle. In my eyes, they’re standing a little bit taller too, with their proud chests puffed out.

When you throw away your rubbish, stand tall, and be proud. I’m from Winchester, we’re lucky to live here, and we have great bins.