There’s a few videos I’ve come across on YouTube recently, made by students at the University of Winchester.

Whereas years ago, one might have made a scrapbook, full of Polaroid photos and ticket stubs to commemorate three years of little study, most people now make videos!

It’s interesting to see that in every one of these videos, the same places crop up – silly poses on the Buttercross, arty shots from St Giles Hill and images of the landscapes looking across from the University.

We forget that the scenes we take for granted every day create the stuff of memories for so many people - some who leave our city with a tear in the eye, and some who can’t be torn away.

It’s testament to Winchester the amount of students who never leave us, move in and help to ingratiate such a passion in all the new students.

In this way, we end up with an even more vibrant city, full of fresh ideas, new commerce and a great atmosphere.

The general negativity of students shouldn’t exist in this city, because they help to make it what it is.

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