Not for the first time in his Formula One career, Jenson Button heads to Silverstone this week expressing positivity, but knowing deep down he faces another uncomfortable weekend in front of his adoring fans.

These are tough times for both Button and McLaren who less than five months ago confidently unveiled a car they believed would carry them to this year's Formula One world titles. McLaren, for all their resources and technical know-how, seem bereft of ideas as to a cure given the plethora of faults, yet defiantly are determined to win a race this year.

That will not be at Silverstone, though, as Button said: "The circuit should suit us a little better, but we're clutching at straws. I don't think they expect us to be suddenly winning grands prix when we get to the UK, and we're not going to be on the podium. But I think progress is needed, and if we have a good race there and score some good points, that's a good step forward."

The 33-year-old has so far competed in 13 races on home soil, and failed 13 times to even finish in the top three, never mind take the chequered flag, so expect number 14 on Sunday, barring some fluke.

McLaren gambled because instead of building on last year's model that won the final two grands prix of the campaign in Austin and Brazil - as they assumed their rivals would do - they opted for a radical revamp.

McLaren appreciated at the time there might be early teething issues, but they were convinced in the longevity of their design and that it would eventually overhaul and stay ahead of their rivals.

What no one foresaw, however, was the multitude of problems that have so far plagued a car which has left Button and team-mate Sergio Perez struggling to simply scrape into the points.

Button added: "We had some parts on the car in Canada which we tried and we thought would be a good step forward, but they didn't really work for that type of circuit.

"They should work for Silverstone, which is a place I love, but they are not going to help us get to the front.

"It means we're not going to get the result I'm sure all the Brits want - and we want - but we'll fight on and do the best we can. That's all we can do, and hopefully it will be enough, but at least the British fans know the situation this year."