Kelly Rowland has said she thinks watching sport with your other half can be a great bonding experience.

The 33-year-old singer - who recently tied the knot with manager Tim Witherspoon and is rumoured to be expecting her first child - has recorded a new track, The Game, as part of a celebration of World Cup fever with Pepsi MAX.

Kelly urged women not to become "World Cup widows" and to get stuck in watching the game with their partners.

She said: "I do have to be in the mood for the sport, but I think it's actually fun to watch it with your sweetheart because you get a chance to be in their world.

"I think it's a nice bonding time. If they have a beer, you pick one up too. You got to just watch the sport, it's fun."

The song has a football-themed video directed by Spike Lee and the former Destiny's Child star and X Factor judge was delighted to work with the Oscar-nominated director on the project.

Kelly said: "He's just one of those genius people that not only has vision, I just love the fact that he's still so excited and creative about his gift. There's not a lot of people who bring that to the table. I'm just happy that Spike was MY director, he's the BEST director."

The singer - who recently left her label Republic Records - also revealed she is currently working on a new solo album that will be very different from what she's done before.

Kelly said: "I'm in the mood for something different. I need a change, it's been wonderful and I'm so grateful to be in the studio with writers and producers who are open to it and just as excited about trying something new."

:: Kelly's new track The Game is available to download from iTunes now as part of the Beats Of The Beautiful Game visual album. Spike's film can be viewed on YouTube.