Gary Naylor won Division 1 of the second round of The Snows Toyota Super League on the Top Lake at Stoneham.

He landed nine carp for 82 lb 12 oz from peg 88 on the method feeder and corn and mini boilies. Naylor took fish to 12 lb in his winning haul.

Richard Penny finished second with 39 lb 8 oz of carp on the feeder and bream on the pole from peg 75.

Others M.Hawkins 33 lb 10 oz, G.Tappenden (Homestores) 30 lb 10 oz.

Division 2 went to Paul White who took 38 lb 12 oz of bream and skimmers on peg 111 on soft pellet and pole.

Kev Downer finished second with 24 lb 8 oz of bream on the pole from peg 74.

Others B.Skeen 21 lb 4 oz, M.Cannings 13 lb 3 oz. Promoted to Division 1 were D.Sharpe, K.O’Rourke, M.Cannings, P.White and K.Downer.

Relegated to Division 2 were D.Moody, G.Illingworth, A.Wadsley, C.Egerton and P.Sears.

After two rounds, Richard Penny leads Division 1 with 30 points from Dave Rickwood and Gary Naylor on 28. In Division 2, Chris Albiston leads (18 pts) from Paul Sear and Brian Skeen (17).

Test Valley AC's club match on the Nutsey stretch of The Blackwater saw a tight finish. Andy Palmer took 14 lb 12 oz of roach, grayling and chub on stick float and maggot to shade Dave George with a mixed bag for 13 lb 5 oz.

Others: G.Haskell 12 lb 8 oz, G.Wright 12 lb 3 oz.

The Silver Fish Match on Longbridge saw some good weights of bream.

Jim Murray took 11 bream for 33 lb 4 oz from peg 24 on feeder and maggot to win from John Timney with 31 lb 9 oz of bream and skimmers from peg 27 on pole and maggot.

Others: C.Albiston 24 lb 15 oz, M.Donahughe 24 lb 14 oz, S.Shepherd 19lb.

Andy Hayden won Cormorants' club match on Dandy’s Ford.

He fished pole and pellet for 89 lb 4 oz of carp to 5 lb from peg 21.

Phil Stride finished second with 76 lb 6 oz of carp on pole and pellet from peg 4, while Dwayne Seed finished third with 55 lb 4 oz.

Roy Wallace won the Silvers League Match on the Lodge Lake at Dandy’s Ford.

He took 14 lb 12 oz of roach, perch and crucians from peg 18 on pole and caster, while Chris Opie took 13 lb 2 oz of roach and perch for second.

Others: M.Flack 7 lb 10 oz, S.Franks 6 lb 15 oz.

Dave Docherty won Salisbury’s club match on Topmoor.

He landed 58 lb 8 oz of carp and skimmers on long pole and worm from peg 19. Mick Keynes finished second with 58 lb 7 oz of carp on corn, band and pellet. Others: D.Mayers 39 lb 12 oz.

Alex Murray won Todber's Open on Whitepost Lake with 136 lb 10 oz of carp on pole and pellet from peg 10.

Ashley Tomkins landed 93 lb 6 oz from peg 20.

Section “A” winner: Pete Neate 88 lb 12 oz; Section “B” winner B.Dukes 88 lb 2 oz.


Only one place to start and that’s on the Blackwater Syndicate on The Isle of Wight.

Lewis May took a personal best 42 lb 8 oz mirror - the 14th different forty pound carp from the amazing syndicate water. He also took a 24 lb.

Ben Cassford took a 24 lb 15 oz, while Steve Kitcher continued his sensational run with fish of 26 lb 3 oz, 37 lb 12 oz and 40 lb.

Roy Dennis took a 29 lb 10 oz and a 23 lb 10 oz, while on Monks Pool Syndicate Taffy Woodhouse took a 36 lb 12 oz.

On Rookley Park, Ian Roy took mirrors of 29 lb and 26 lb plus a 20 lb 4 oz common. Shane Thomas had a 25 lb common, Nick Heath a 26 lb common and Charlie Bull a 22 lb common.

Uddens Pond Wood, near Ringwood, saw a fabulous mirrored ghost to Craig Taylor, who landed a 30 lb 8 oz personal best stunne.

Todbers Paddock Lake continued to produce some cracking fish.

Roger Smith took 3 carp including a 31 lb 5 oz common on C.C Moore Pink Nsis tipped with maggot.

Matt Gainard took three carp to 28 lb and two catfish to 43 lb 2 oz, while Scott Robinson landed four cats to 48 lb 8 oz on halibut pellet.

On Wadmill, Ryce Andrews landed 10 carp to 16 lb, George Grist banked 22 carp to 15 lb and Will Lane nine carp to 14 lb.

On Big Hayes, Lee Mansi took three fish to 22 lb, Paul Brewer two carp to 20 lb and Ben Jetten five carp to 21 lb.

On Little Hayes, Mike Hill took three carp to 16 lb 8 oz and Ade Jones eight carp to 20 lb 4 oz.


Scott Robinson with a 48 lb 8 oz catfish from Paddock Lake at Todber.

Roger Smith with a 31 lb 5 oz common from Todbers Paddock Lake.

Craig Taylor with his fabulous 30 lb 8 oz ghostie from Uddens Pond Wood.

Gary Naylor winner of The Snows Toyotas Super League second round at Stoneham.