CIVIC Chiefs will meet tomorrow to consider a shortlist of options on a replacement leisure centre for Winchester.

As reported in the Chronicle, officers will now present alternatives to the River Park Leisure Centre which include building on the footprint of the current site – an idea previously dismissed as too expensive and not presented for public consultation.

Many residents had been angry that the council’s prefer option, a new site at North Walls, involved a loss of green space.

The cabinet will consider three options tomorrow; building at Bar End, building on the site currently occupied by the leisure centre, or building on land currently occupied by the tennis courts, artificial pitch and the ‘minimum necessary additional land’ next to the courts.

Last week council leader Keith Wood denied the new list of options represented a U-turn.

“There is no U-turn. It’s terribly easy to criticise this whole thing: we have no shortage of people telling us what we should not do, but very few people telling us what we should do.

“We have been completely open but people assume there is a secret agenda. There is no secret agenda.”

On Monday, February 17, the council’s overview and scrutiny committee will meet to review the three options.

It is understood the plans will then go to the full council for a vote.