RESIDENTS of one of Winchester’s narrowest streets have been left disappointed in their efforts to restrict access to it.

Concerned at the narrowness of the road and the number of pedestrians using it, people living on Hyde Church Lane petitioned the city council to prevent all vehicles, except for those requiring access, from using it.

But officers said an Access Only sign for vehicles would be unlikely to succeed since police had already said they lacked the resources to enforce it.

At a meeting of the city’s traffic and parking bosses on Monday (February 25), resident Margaret Robertson, said: “I think this is so important: it’s people’s safety. Please let us have that Temporary Regulation Order and see how it works.”

Cllr Sue Nelmes told the meeting: “Walking on Hyde Church Lane is taking one’s life in one’s hands. It’s no good saying there aren’t any accidents because there are in fact a great many near-accidents.”

The road has long been a source of contention, with the Chronicle reporting in 2011 of a demonstration that saw dozens of protesters blocking the road.

An experimental No Entry sign was introduced and although traffic officers accepted that a high number of pedestrians and cyclists use the route – around 600 a day – they felt the sign has been successful in reducing damage to properties.

They also said there has been only one reported accident in the last five years, and so the county council would be unable to support an Access Only proposal.

The committee endorsed the officers’ report, but planning and transport chief, Victoria Weston, said the road would be monitored and the possibility of bollards explored.