OLYMPIC diver Pete Waterfield has been coaching young members of a sports club at Perins School in Alresford.

The Year 7 members of the Sky Sports Club were selected as ‘out of catchment area’ students or sole pupils from a primary school to attend Perins.

The students are currently taking part in ‘Hula-Hooping’ sessions once a week to help promote a seamless transition into secondary school.

The project allows those who are less confident in getting involved or are currently unable to take part in sport to take on other roles such as, the commentator, part of a camera crew or the student interview panel. The students were engaged and enthused by his fast-paced trampolining session in the morning.

He explained how divers use trampolines to practice certain techniques and to perfect moves. They learnt how to support one another on the trampolines and how to perform basic moves which they developed into set routines.

The students eagerly listened to his life story especially as he talked of his time at the London 2012 Olympic Games with diving partner, Tom Daley.

Year 7 student Kaitlin Lafferty, aged 11, said: “I thought the day with Peter Waterfield was outstanding. We played lots of great activities and supported each other. It was great to have a visit from an Olympic athlete and was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”