ACTOR and author Tony Robinson was in Winchester recently to bring his Weird World of Wonders to life.

Children at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School were treated to a talk about his latest series of books.

Known for his turn as Baldrick in Blackadder, the award-winning children’s author got the pupils involved in various historical activities.

And headteacher Catherine Howes said the staff were just as impressed as the children.

“He pitched it really well and he included the children in his presentations, which was great.

“But it’s safe to say the staff were more familiar with him than the children were and there was great excitement when he managed to work in his phrase ‘I have a cunning plan,'" she said.

The event on Wednesday, January 30, was organised by Winchester bookshop P&G Wells.

Tony’s books cover periods of history such as ancient Egypt and Greece, and the Roman and British Empires.

As well as uncovering historical facts, the books point out the funny, strange, entertaining and gory bits from each period along the way.

“He was really good at communicating his love of finding things out,” Mrs Howes said.