TEENAGERS have secured new sports equipment after teaming up with a parish council.

Littleton & Harestock parish councillors unveiled a new £7,500 multi-sports area for the Bradley Road playground in Harestock on Tuesday.

The parish council launched the project after receiving a deputation from the school council at the nearby Henry Beaufort secondary during the summer.

The galvanised steel structure comprises a basketball hoop, football goal and cricket stumps.

Parish councillor Rod Warren said: “This was suggested as something that would be useful for older children and was in response to the pupils from Henry Beaufort who came to see us.

“We thought this would be an appropriate piece of equipment as it offers football, cricket and basketball, and we are very pleased with it.”

School council member Becky Hemming, 13, said: “There were lots of groups of children hanging around here not doing anything, so we thought it would be good to get something productive for them to do.”

PE teacher Fran Arnold added: “It’s been lovely working with the parish council and that they have included this age group, because we do sometimes feel they are forgotten.”

The new equipment was funded through developers’ contributions from the parish’s open spaces fund.