HE SPENT thousands scouring the world for his dream girl.

Now unemployed graduate Adam Pacitti is using the power of advertising to find a job.

He is so desperate for work he claims he has spent his last £500 on a billboard and social media campaign.

The 24-year-old from the Isle of Wight, who graduated with a first class degree in media production from the University of Winchester, said he had no regrets spending £6,000 on a previous viral campaign to literally find the girl of his dreams.

Adam, of Ryde, said: “I’m very happy I did it because it turned out to be a successful viral campaign.

“It looks good to any advertising agencies looking at my work and, if anything, will be a boost to my prospects.”

The campaign, revealed by the Daily Echo in 2008, came about after Adam sketched a girl he dreamed about, who bore a striking resemblance to the title character from TV show Ugly Betty, and embarked on a two-year quest across nine countries to find her.

He created a website, thegirlofmydreams.co.uk, which had more than four million hits by the time the campaign ended in 2010.

But it has not helped his financial situation as he looks for work during a bad time for the economy.

Now he has rented a north London billboard and launched a website to try to secure a job in the media.

Adam said: “I finished at Win-chester where I got my first class deg-ree and managed to get a job at an arcade over the summer. “But that was seasonal work and I really wanted to get into media production. “I only had a small amount of money set aside and so I thought the billboard would be a good plan.

“So last Monday I went up to London for a look at it and stuck some pictures on my website, and when I woke up the next morning I had 7,000 people retweeting the pictures on Twitter.”

He added: “It’s taken about two and a half months to get the campaign going and sort out the website, but it’s become my second successful viral campaign.

“I think a lot of countries are in the same position as England at the moment where it’s difficult to find a job, so people around the world can empathise with me.

“I really hope this works as I have worked hard on it and I am starting to get interest now, so I could even get a job within the next week.”

Adam has attracted international attention, including interviews with a South Korean television channel, and he has also received thousands of messages of support.