POLICE have cracked down on crime in northern Winchester.

Speaking at a Partnership and Communities Together (PACT) meeting last Tuesday (Nov 27), Officers said crimes in Weeke, Harestock, Fulflood and Littleton over the past three months were steady or less than the previous year.

There were two burglaries between September to December 2012, level with the previous year, and four outdoor dwelling burglaries, such as sheds, also level with 2011.

Cases of criminal damage were down from 24 to 19 while thefts were down from 34 to 23.

The only increase was theft of motor vehicles, with two cases this year compared to none in 2011.

PCSO Gavin Cooper said: “The decline in theft could be from the Olympics which gave us a very quiet summer, as did the weather. A lot of it is probably shops increasing security also. We also had no personal thefts or street robberies.”