A KINGS Worthy teenager who escaped death earlier this year has helped raise more than £2,000 for medics who saved his life.

Jordon Griffin, 19, almost bled to death following neck wounds in a motorbike collision in May.

But he was given immediate first aid from passing BASICS medic Bruce Armstrong shortly before an ambulance arrived.

Jordon was guest of honour at a Hallowe’en party for BASICS, dressing up as a ghoul and referencing the accident with fake blood on his neck.

He said: “I did have a huge wound to my throat which meant I was basically bleeding to death. Blame my mum for my make-up, but it's a lot less ghastly tonight than it was back in April."

The party, at 90 Degrees in Southampton, saw medical students and nurses dress as zombies, vampires and ghostly brides.

Money is still being counted but the funds will go towards supplying kit and training for BASICS’ volunteer medics.