A GROUP of Twyford residents have joined forces with the police to crack down on speeding motorists.

Twyford Community SpeedWatch has been launched to allow residents to become police support volunteers, using speed detection devices to monitor traffic.

Each week volunteers will operate in different locations and different times of day with anyone recorded speeding reported to the police.

Penny Smith, lead volunteer coordinator, said: “The roads here are clearly signposted so there really is no excuse for speeding whatsoever in Twyford or any other village around the country. Both Hazeley Road and Finches Lane have 30mph limits yet so many drivers constantly ignore this.

“All we ask is that drivers slow down and observe their surroundings, drive more thoughtfully to others, and of course obey the law. We feel it is not too much to ask and hopefully with the help of the CSW scheme, drivers will get the message that Twyford residents have had enough and are taking action.”

For more details visit hampshire.police.uk/internet/advice-and-information/crime-prevention/community-speedwatch.