WINCHESTER parents are being challenged to improve their first aid skills by the British Red Cross.

It follows a survey of 2,000 parents revealing two thirds did not feel able to intervene in an emergency or were afraid they would make mistakes.

Joe Mulligan, Red Cross head of first aid education, said: “We know that the majority of parents want to learn first aid, but may not get round to it for all sorts of reasons. We’re asking parents to set themselves this challenge – learn something, no matter how much time you have. Even 15 minutes is enough to learn something that could make all the difference in an emergency.”

To help parents the charity launched baby and child first aid courses in Winnall Close, Winnall, on Monday (Oct 29) which run until December 22.

It has also set up a website,, which features information and videos on emergencies.

To sign up for a free course, visit