A HAMPSHIRE dentist is determined to go ahead with his mission to Kenya, despite a recent terrorist attack there in which 67 people were killed.

Dr Peter Saund, a dental surgeon in Boyatt Wood, Eastleigh, is part of a team of doctors, nurses, and support workers, heading to Kibera, Africa’s largest slum.

“We’re still firing on all cylinders.

“We’re going to take a chance and go for it,” he said.

The team will provide a free outreach service to locals and Dr Saund says that although they kept a close eye on developments at Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall, they have sought advice and will press on.

“The embassy have put out a warning to say go with care.

“We’re in the slum area and they are saying they will tend to attack more affluent areas visited by tourists.

“I’m hoping that everything will be done and dusted by the time we get there,” he said.

The conditions will be a far cry from his usual workplace, where he looks after around 2,000 patients – in Kibera the doctor is looking after more than 30,000.

“Although the very basic room in which the dentistry is carried out has electricity, water is only available through the tap for only a few hours per day, if at all.

“There is also a very high rate of HIV there and tools are primitive and sterilised in a pressure cooker over a coal fire.”

Dr Saund, who will fly out in October with the charity Wings of Mercy, has already smashed his fundraising target of £1,000, by more than £400. The money will be used to buy medical instruments that can be left with the doctor in Kibera.