ALRESFORD civic chiefs have responded following a critical report by the auditors into the running of the council.

Last week the Daily Echo reported that BDO were concerned about a lack of councillor control over a financial account and the running of the bar at the Alresford Recreation Centre.

Town council chairman Lisa Griffths said that controls were in place and that the Imprest account, which in one-12 month period had £417,000 in it under the control of the clerk, has since been closed.

Cllr Griffiths said: "The main bulk of the councils' funds are held in a main account which requires authorisation by two councillors to permit the payment into the Imprest Account (from which the finance clerk paid the bills).

"Councillors saw the list of payments to be covered in order to agree the amount for transfer. The Imprest Account has now been closed and the new system still requires two councillors to authorise payments."

Over concerns about the ARC, Cllr Griffiths said: "The ARC is in the process of finding a leaseholder which means it will no longer be a matter for NATC to manage, however we note the comments."

The previous council clerk Stevie Kavanagh has resigned and been replaced by Karen Ross.