GLOVES, scarves and bed socks at the ready as temperatures are set to plummet this week.

According to the Met Office, by Wednesday morning it will feel like a very chilly -6C in central Hampshire.

Monday will be dry and sunny with temperatures of 8C but with a 'feels like' of just 4C during the day.

Temperatures are set to drop on Monday night with it feeling no warmer than -4C at 6am on Tuesday morning.

A further drop is expected on Tuesday night with a 'feels like' of -1C between midnight and 6am on Wednesday morning.

In Winchester, Eastleigh, Lyndhurst and Romsey temperatures will plummet to -3C on Wednesday morning with a 'feels like' temperature of -6C.

Thursday will be cloudy and cool with a daytime high of just 5C.

Things are set to turn slightly warmer by the weekend with highs of 9C.