WINCHESTER planners have rejected proposals for a new mini-estate in Alresford.

Alfred Homes had proposed dozens of houses on a paddock between Arlebury Park house and Arlebury Park recreation ground.

But councillors on the planning committee followed officers' advice to reject the scheme, on 2.4 hectares sited off The Avenue.

Alfred wanted permission for an outline application for up to 60 homes with a public car park and open space, called Alderwood.

Nineteen were earmarked for the elderly and 40 per cent were to be 'affordable.'

The officers said the development was not needed as land for 300 homes has been allocated on the other side of town off Sun Lane.

The proposed site was also within the registered garden of Arlebury Park house and outside the defined settlement boundary.

Alresford must provide 500 new houses as part of the Local Plan that runs between 2011 and 2031.

The proposal attracted 30 objections including Alresford Town Council, the Alresford Society, citing concerns about the impact ion the leafy Avenue, increased traffic.

There were 28 letters in support, saying it was a sustainable location, well screened and better than building on Sun Lane.

Alfred Homes said they were considering their position over and appeal.

Gregg Joslin, managing director, said: "We are disappointed by the result of today’s committee. Our consultation in December 2015 showed that the majority of people we engaged with in Alresford were supportive of our plans and we even had supporters attend the committee itself.

"Quite simply, Alresford requires more good quality housing and there is a shortage of both affordable homes and houses for older people to downsize to, therefore the fact that the city council is turning down a locally popular scheme is frustrating. We will need a little time to consider the reasons for refusal and take a view on whether we wish to appeal the decision.”

Local city councillor and chairman of the town council, Lisa Griffiths said: "I am unsurprised this was turned down since with the expected Sun Lane development in the Local Plan Part 2 for Alresford being uncontroversial as far as the Government Inspector was concerned, there was no reason in planning terms to support it.

"If it had been agreed, the decision would have affected all sites across the entire district, thus opening the floodgates for all sites to potentially be approved. As we know, the Sun Lane and The Dean developments combined, will produce the required amount of housing allocated to Alresford and therefore Arlebury Park is not required in the current Local Plan."