Artist takes focus at Winchester cinema

9:10am Thursday 1st March 2012

NEARLY every cinema in England has been dominated by The Artist in February, especially in Winchester where a different kind of artist is centre stage.

Born and bred Winchester painter Aimee Seaborne has been showcasing her work all last month at the Everyman Cinema in Southgate Street.

Aimee, 25, currently has 70 black and white paintings of various subjects in the cinema, from celebrities and superheroes to random objects.

She is a self-taught artist and said she started after finding painting relaxing when she could not sleep.

Aimee, of Goring Field, Teg Down, said: “I used to have trouble sleeping and I hated watching TV or playing games so I picked up a paint brush to relax and then it turned into a bit of an obsession.

“I started with just black paint and it evolved from there. I will now literally paint anything and once I get an idea into my head I have to do it.”

The former Peter Symonds College and University of Lincoln student said she was pleased with the reaction her work was getting from cinema customers.

She said: “I used to work at the cinema and still have friends there who urged me to put up my paintings, as did my mum, so I was sort of bullied into it. But they have got a really good reception and because they are quite detailed a lot of people think they are prints until they get up close.”

Aimee is selling her paintings at prices ranging from £15-£40 depending on size.


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