EASTLEIGH MP Mims Davies has slammed Eastleigh councillors’ decision to approve its Local Plan which includes building thousands of new homes in the borough.

Ms Davies said the decision to approve the proposed Local Plan – which includes 5,200 homes near ancient woodland – was a “panicked and rushed decision in the face of failure”.

The decision made at a heated meeting last week comes after civic chiefs were told they have until January 31 to explain why they did not have a Local Plan or the government would step in to do it for them.

Councillors said their choice was “the most logical option”.

But Ms Davies is calling for a U-turn and said she was hoping they will rethink about their decision. She added: “Under such arrangements local residents can be sure that their concerns will once again be pushed to one side.

“This is unacceptable. This council could and should do better and its duty to the community is to listen, learn and recognise this is a very poor plan and a terrible outcome for the area.”

Ms Davies said also to be concerned about the lack of evidence and infrastructure.

“While I have campaigned long and hard on the real need for a Local Plan to bring an end to speculative development, it is just as important that our Local Plan is representative of the views of residents. Unfortunately, in this instance, this simply is not the case.”

But council leader Keith House said:” Mrs Davies has clearly not read the report to council or she would not be making these comments. The council has accepted professional planning advice that the options it has chosen give the best prospect of getting the homes we need in the right places with infrastructure to tackle congestion and guaranteed green spaces between our towns and villages.”

The council will now complete the evidence base before publishing its plan to the community and submit it to the planning inspectorate.