PLANS to extend a village home and use an addition building for temporary accommodation have been unanimously rejected by Winchester planners.

The application, which would have seen the changes to the property at 170 Main Road in Colden Common, faced concerns from members of the city council’s planning committee, as well as strong opposition from neighbours.

The property has seen a number of planning applications in recent years as part of renovation works, which led councillors to fear the house would continue to grow.

Cllr Richard Izard said: “It has gotten larger and larger and larger. I would be concerned that it is another extension,” with Cllr Therese Evans adding: “It’s too large and there’s been too many incremental changes.”

Councillors also raised concerns that the ancillary building in the back garden would become permanent accommodation due to its design, despite a planning application being sought to use it as temporary accommodation while works were going on to the main house.

Cllr Eleanor Bell said: “It is clearly designed as two semi-detached dwellings, this is back garden development and Colden Common doesn’t need this.”

“I don’t believe this will be a temporary building in the long term and I can’t support it,” added Cllr Ernest Jeffs.

The applications also faced objections from neighbours over drainage. Lisa Davis told the committee: “The dwelling goes against village design and it is a ‘back building’. It’s totally incongruous with the surrounding properties.

“There are significant drainage issues on this land; the soil is predominantly clay, and water runs from this site onto Main Road and neighbouring properties. Further development will reduce drainage capacity further and increase the problem.”

Applicant June Ratcliffe defended the plan, arguing that the works were necessary to rebuild the home due to its current poor condition, and that the ancillary building would only be used during the works.

However, the planning committee voted unanimously to reject both planning applications.