MORE than £50,000 is being spent as part of improvement works to Kings Walk and Middle Brook Street in Winchester.

Winchester City Council has removed the Old Fountain is currently building raised planters which will provide additional seating in the area.

The area was previously a hotspot for anti-social behaviour but council chiefs are hoping that the work will improve the area, with a possibility of extra measures being introduced.

Currently an area close to Sweet Ice Cream Lounge is fenced off as the work takes place.

The council says most of the money spent so far has been on the demolition of the fountain and sourcing the same type of stone which is used in the Winchester High Street area.

A spokesperson for Winchester City Council said: “The fountain in Middle Brook Street was removed as part of ongoing improvement works to Kings Walk. Raised planters are currently being built around the ice cream parlour to provide external seating and improve the public realm generally for residents, businesses and shoppers.

"The design of the planters is intended to offer people a more appealing proposition than sitting on the walls - and plants will be added in due course to further improve the appearance of the area.

"In terms of anti-social behaviour, the situation will continue to be monitored and extra measures would be introduced if necessary.

"The cost of the work was estimated at £52,000 with the project cleared to go ahead in a Cabinet meeting in January this year.

"The majority of the cost incurred so far has been related to the demolition of the reinforced fountain and sourcing York stone that matched that used within the High Street area.”