A NEW modern house has been approved to replace a garage at Compton Close, Oliver’s Battery.

The new development was discussed at Planning Committee.

The dwelling which replaces the garage will be a three bedroom house of a modern design, two bedrooms on the ground floor and the third on the upper floor. The design includes a zinc clad roof and a larger dormer window for the upper bedroom.

Parish council representative John Furlong said the council had concerns that the zinc roof was not in keeping with the area and would stand out. He said that a tiled roof would be more appropriate and the large upper floor window was too large.

A neighbour, Roger Lewis, said that the proposal was out-of-character with the area and that was visually unacceptable. He also felt that too many trees were being felled.

Cllr Kim Gottlieb asked what would a sensitive development on this site look like, would it be to remove the large pitched roof and to make it a single storey?

Jeremy Tyrell from T2 Architects spoke in favour of the development and said that the proposals took into account the design statement for Oliver’s Battery.

Cllr Frank Pearson said that he liked the design, that it was a good use of the space available and that views would be improved.

Cllr Eleanor Bell questioned the height of the new building.

and said that she had no objection in principle if the building was single storey.

In approval of the development Cllr Ian Tait said that the design was of a high standard and that it had gone further than most new developments in not impacting on its neighbours.

However, Cllr Kim Gottlieb said that he thought the views from Numbers 1 and 4 would be impacted. and from the neighbouring school and that too much was being ‘crammed’ onto the site.The scheme was approved by six votes to one with one abstention.