Hundreds of people from all over the world descended on Hampshire to celebrate the birthday of a community service organisation.

Winchester’s Great Hall was packed with Round Table’s members past and present and international Tablers on Saturday to celebrate the organisation’s 90th year.

Runner Dave Henson MBE, one of GB’s Paralympic record medal-winning team in the Rio, helped kick-start the celebrations and inspired participants with his story.

Throughout the years the organisations has raised millions of pounds to support charities and residents.

Now its members gathered from all over the world to celebrate this historic occasion in Winchester, the home of the iconic Round Table Roundel.

Jon Rees, board member and events officer, said: “They all came because it celebrates the founding of and the creator of a movement that now has over 35,000 members all over the world who are all connected by the idea of the founder who wanted to do something different.”

During the day, participants had the opportunity to enjoy Dave Henson’s speech.

Henson, a former Royal Engineer from Southampton, had both legs amputated below the knee and claimed a bronze medal in the 200m for T42 runners.

“He told us about his story and gave us an inspiring inside about how a man can recover from the brink of death. He was loosing everything and he has turned into a sport champion. He is an inspirational figure for everybody not just us”, Mr Rees said.

In the evening celebrations continued at the Southampton O2.

The Round Table is open to all men aged between 18 and 45.

The organisation, which has a group in Winchester, works in partnership with the local council and other community groups other than its sister organisation Ladies Circle.

“We are strongly no-political and no-religious. All we want is have fun together and do things for our community. We are also an opportunity for young men to have friends, support and development opportunities that otherwise they wouldn’t potentially get”, Mr Rees said.

Mark House, current Round Table national president, said: “I’m so proud that Round Table has been doing more for our communities and members for 90 years. Our benefit to members and communities continues to grow and is underlined by this amazing milestone.”

Those who want to get involved can visit