TWO businesswomen will hold a conference to help aspiring entrepreneurs in Winchester.

Monica Beatrice Welburn, founder of lifestyle blog The Elgin Avenue, has joined forces with Laura Turner, who founded the shop Hero in Stockbridge.

The pair have co-created Big Small Business, which is aimed at independent businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives.

The one-day conference is designed to give guests practical tools and tips for how to realise their goals, from people who have walked that path before them.

Monica said: "We have an absolutely incredible roster of speakers, including our keynote speaker who started with one stationery boutique and now has over 80 shops and 800 plus employees worldwide.

"Big Small Business is a truly unique event, supporting and hopefully inspiring our local community of entrepreneurs."

Monica's website, The Elgin Avenue, started as an online diary but has become a full-time business, earning the 25-year-old a living from chronicling her favourite outfits, people and places.

A quarter of a million people now follow her posts on Pinterest, and more than 17,000 people follow her on Instagram.

Monica was raised in Ashbarn Cresent, Badger Farm.

She studied art at Kings' School and later Peter Symonds College before eventually channelling her creative energies into a blog to escape her studies at the London College of Fashion.

The conference will be at The Wessex Centre on April 1 from 9.30am-5pm.