HAVING an online fan base of 65,000 is no mean feat, let alone for two dogs.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happened to two Hampshire canines, Chutney and Branston.

Hannah Field, 29, from Chandler’s Ford, set up an Instagram profile two years ago for her dog to share Chutney’s experiences in daily life.

Chutney was quickly joined by Branston – both miniature dachshunds – on the account and the followers began to pick up.

Hannah, a shop manager in Winchester, said: “I soon started seeing my followers go through the dozens, into the hundreds then, amazingly, into the thousands.

"Two years down the line we have more than 65,300 followers on Instagram from all over the world.

“I wanted something that tied in with the fact they are sausage dogs and finally came up with Chutney.

"Then when the second puppy came along a year later the name just had to be Branston.”

On top of being internet celebrities, Chutney, two and Branston, one, have helped raise money for various charities, and been published in books.

Both dogs helped to raise funds for the RPSCA’s Big Walkies event, a sponsored walk that took place at various locations up and down the country to raise money for the animal welfare charity.

The two also appeared in American book Dogs and Their People in October, which featured on the New York Times Bestseller list. It’s the charity work that Hannah is most proud of though.

Hannah said: “This year we have been helping the RSPCA promote their Big Walkies event and an international group of dachshunds called the Ween Team helped to raise almost £8,000 for an American dachshund welfare charity.

“I met some of my best friends through Instagram and was lucky enough to get out to America to visit them and their dogs last year.

“It’s always hard explaining how we met though, saying that we both have sausage dogs with Instagram profiles on the internet often raises a few eyebrows!”

Having collected the dogs from a breeder in Southsea, the two dogs reside with Hannah and her boyfriend Tom Wheeler, 27, at their home in Chandlers Ford.

You can see Chutney and Branston’s profile at www.instagram.com/chutney_muttney