A CAR left a trail of destruction as it smashed into a Hampshire garage early today.

It ended perched against the thatched roof of the garage reception area.

The crash happened at the Hill Farm Garage crossroads near Sutton Scotney, north of Winchester at about 12.15am this morning.

The driver escaped with only minor injuries and was later arrested by police after trying to flee from the scene.

Two high-value Mercedes, a C-class and C-estate, were damaged in the crash with a repair bill estimated at £30,000.

The garage is at a crossroads which has been staggered to improve safety.

Graham Sharland, from the garage, said the junction is still an accident blackspot: "It happens all the time here.

"They always come from Winchester and they do not stop, but this is one of the worst ones we have had so far.

"Two cars have been written off with £30,000 damage and now I have two cars I cannot sell.

"We have tried to improve the road but the council do not do it. One woman was killed on that junction two years ago.

"There needs to be better signage and a lower speed limit and a roundabout there."

A local resident said: "From what I understand the guy tried to turn right and rolled over, hit several cars."

"People are always coming down from Winchester because it is a very straight road and they do not realise there is a junction.

"The traffic islands are always getting smashed and there are always accidents."