WINCHESTER’s answer to Billy Elliot has been tapping away to raise money for charity in a bid to say thanks for all the help he once got.

Scott Miller managed to raise £10,000, at just the age of 11, by tap-dancing on Winchester’s busy streets so he could go to Tring Park School – a performing arts centre.

Fast forward seven years and he’s at it again only this time to say thank you to the people who helped him get there.

He spent six hours tap dancing at the High Street on a makeshift board, alongside three of his friends, in a bid to raise even more money.

However this time he and his troupe, called Offbeat, are donating it all to Naomi House.

Scott said: “I was here when I was 11 to raise money to go to Tring Park School. I tapped on the streets, just as I am today, and raised £10,000 altogether to help me get to the school. So I’ve come back to say a massive thank you to Winchester.”

See video below:

The group – made up of Matt Hill, Chris Sparkes, both 17, and 18-year-old Joao Carolino – hope to raise £500 for the children’s charity.

Scott added: “We have set a target of £500 but even if we don’t raise that we’re still happy to raise any money we can.”

Mr Miller will start his final year at Tring Park in September and hopes to become a teacher and choreographer. It’s a far cry from his younger years spent at the Wykeham Arms which his dad Peter, 68, and mum Kate, 62, used to run.

His parents have since retired to Devizes but said they are incredibly thankful to the people of Winchester for helping their son.

“It’s unbelievable really,” Peter said. “I’d never have thought this would happen. What’s incredible about it is they taught themselves this and only in the last two months. Thanks to Winchester for helping him seven years ago.”

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