A VILLAGE historian is seeking information about two photographs from the Great War.

Robin Worman has sent in two evocative photos from the 1914-18 conflict taken in Colden Common, near Winchester.

One looks like a celebration dinner at the long-gone parish hall on Main Road, perhaps for servicemen returning from active service.

The other shows the village children dutifully lining up in Main Road with their parents.

Mr Worman, of Piping Green, Colden Common, is hoping the pictures will jog memories from sons or daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. He is hoping for names for anyone pictured.

No-one in the dinner picture will now be alive but it is just possible that there may now be a centenarian who as a toddler was amongst the children standing in the rain.

Mr Worman thinks both could be late 1918 or 1919; perhaps they were taken on the same day or maybe the children were lining up on Empire Day?

Intriguingly, the dinner has pendants hanging from the back wall that say ‘well done’ and good luck’. Perhaps the men in the army uniform were volunteers being congratulated and bade farewell on leaving for france, at the start of the war? The large amount of cut flowers would indicate August or September 1914, perhaps?

The dinner photo was originally a postcard, which Mr Worman says was unusual for a photo of this kind.

Mr Worman can be contacted on 01962 713402.