WINCHESTER University is to host an interactive exhibition on Japanese culture and arts.

On August 19, students from the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) in Japan will showcase a range of Japanese calligraphy, origami and tradition confectionary, namely wagashi.

They will also talk about yukata – a type of kimono worn in the summer.

The event is being run in line with their language studies at Winchester’s English Language Summer School.

Ivan Preston is the head of the English Language Teaching and Support Unit which runs the summer school.

He said: “The University of Winchester values its longstanding international relationship with the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies for the knowledge, experiences and opportunities this has given both institutions and their students.

“This exhibition is a way of allowing Winchester to share in Japan’s unique and diverse culture for the enrichment of its students, staff and the local community.”

The exhibit is being organised by 30 students from the School of Contemporary International Studies, at NUFS, who are interested in British culture and language, and is one of many that have been arranged by the two universities over the past few years.

Japan Day takes place from 1.30-6pm at the West Downs Centre, on Sparkfore Road.

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