THREE graduates from the Winchester School of Art are to showcase their space-exploring works at a London gallery next month.

Space Unfolding is a new exhibition at the Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green which will feature works from Caroline Hall, Jonathan Kelly Chapman and Junko O’Neill.

They are three of six British and international emerging artists presenting their art on the exploration of different conceptions of space.

Ms Hall, who graduated with a masters in fine art, was most recently noted for her pop-up gallery on Winchester High Street with fellow artist Diane Rush. She has previously been nominated for the British Threadneedle Prize and the Agora and Alpan Painting Prizes in New York.

Jonathan Kelly Chapman completed his masters in Winchester in 2010 and has gone onto found and curate the Art in the Ark exhibition programme in Basingstoke.

Junko O’Neill, who has set up the Space exhibition with Gillian Holding, displayed her works at the cathedral as part of Winchester’s biennial art festival in 2013.

She said: “Despite quite distinctively different styles and approaches to our work we are all interested in the notion of space though not always expressed. For instance, it was fascinating for me to discover during a panel discussion with Rachelle that she too is influenced by Japanese notions of space. Our individual notions complement each other well because whereas she is formally concerned with painting elements with empty space, I paint empty space itself attempting to give a space of nothingness potential.”

The exhibition is on show from May 15-20.