A WINCHESTER coffee shop owner is set to expand her business by branching into the sorbet trade.

Jane Stayman, who set up Ginger Tea for Two on St Thomas Street in 2008, has launched Ginger Gelato just opposite selling a range of authentic Italian gelato, frozen yoghurts and sorbets.

Gelato – a traditional Sicilian form of ice cream which dates back to ancient Roman times – is made with a relatively small amount of air, with at least 3.5 per cent butterfat, where the sugar content is balanced with water to act as an anti-freeze to prevent it becoming a solid.

Ms Stayman has worked directly with her supplier Ariela Cesana to create what she says is one of the first dessert-only eateries in the city.

“It’s the sort of little luxury treat that one can really indulge in,” she said. “Ginger Two is largely based on this idea and has proved what success we’ve had – it’s a really good artisan product. There are not a lot of places in Winchester you can go and get a good sorbet or something really special.”