A WINCHESTER conservation group is furious after vandals have continuously desecrated a beauty spot.

The Weeke Pond Conservation Group, which has been in action for a number of years, has been tested to its limits over the last few weeks as hooligans have dumped dustbins, trolleys and even fencing into the water.

Trevor Dixon, lead volunteer for the Weeke Pond Conservation Group, said: “The situation is that there have been a number of problems with the railings and the posts are unsecure. Hampshire highways have it in their programme but to avoid any further problems they have put plastic boards up. This has attracted the attention of some revellers who have taken them off and thrown them into the pond and we have had to fish them out.

“I’m a little concerned that if people really attack the posts then the posts might break. On one occasion I fished them out after they have been thrown in and then the next morning they were back in along with two shopping trolleys, a Winchester bin and all the rubbish – all of it in the pond.”

The council has not been able to put up any sound gates as the posts are in need of repair. Until the posts are mended Mr Dixon said the situation will remain and the work of the Weeke volunteers will continue to be in demand.

“I have lived here for 30 plus years and have been helping out at the pond for about five years,” he added. “We’ll just have to keep fishing out whatever they dump until it’s sorted.”