WINCHESTER police station is close to flooding and could be evacuated.

North Walls station is just yards from the worst affected parts of the city, at Park Avenue and Water Lane.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh said a contingency plan is in place.

“We have got a plan if we need to. The initial threat has passed but we’re monitoring the situation and we’re being advised by the environment agency,” he said.

“We have got headquarters in Winchester that we would move it to. The important thing is that the people of Winchester know that policing in the city will not be affected.”

Mr Marsh was speaking outside near to the station, in Park Avenue, where emergency services chiefs gathered this afternoon to explain their multi-agency approach.

He was joined by Simon Eden, chief executive of Winchester City Council, Simon Moody, of the Environment Agency, and Dave Curry, Hampshire Fire and Rescue’s deputy chief officer. Mr Eden said: “There is a serious risk to the city that we could see flooding of upwards of 150 houses.

“You can’t stop it (the floods) completely but we’re managing it. We don’t know how much rain will come down tomorrow so you can’t make those promises.”

He also praised the ingenuity of the Environment Agency, who have constructed a massive artificial pond at Easton to ease pressure on Winchester.

Simon Moody said: “The plan was a concept on someone’s desk on Monday morning and by Wednesday it was in place. I’m not aware of it being done quite like that anywhere else nationally, and certainly not in this region.”

Meanwhile the Holy Trinity Church in upper Brook Street has also flooded all services have been cancelled.