HAMBLEDON continues to be affected by flooding, and there is currently no access from East Street or Green Lane.

There is traffic access via the B2150 from Denmead only, for the elderly and disabled with off road parking.

Hampshire County Council has closed these roads with barriers as there is a direct threat of flooding to properties and significant surface water on the roads.

Residents and visitors have been asked to park outside the village and only flood response workers and buses will have access.

The bus service resumed on Friday to enable students to travel to school and college, and for Hambledon residents to travel out of the village.

Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “This is a very difficult and distressing situation for the residents of Hambledon, who have shown enormous resilience in working together as a community to tackle this flooding. As they know, we are doing all we can to help and to alleviate the issues, including delivering and distributing approximately 15,000 sandbags since the start of the event.

"We’ve brought in extra county council teams and equipment and they have been working round the clock helping residents and clearing water from the roads and properties. Teams have also assisted with escorting families to and from Hambledon Pre-school to enable them to get back to normal.

“We are endeavouring to support businesses within Hambledon and would like to remind people that the shops and pub remain open as usual – people can access these local facilities on foot but should be advised to wear appropriate footwear.

"While this tackles the immediate problem, it’s vital that we continue to work with all the agencies responsible to achieve a long term solution. While I appreciate the pressures on the flood defence budget, it is clear Hambledon is an area in need of some intervention and so I have written to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State to press for action.”