SAFETY work is set to be undertaken at a road crossing where a pedestrian was injured in December.

The crossing on Stockbridge Road in Fulflood is set for improvement work by the county council.

On December 18, a 26-year-old Winchester man was seriously injured in a collision with a car.

The accident took place just yards from Winchester MP Steve Brine’s office, and he wrote to Hampshire County Council asking them for improvements to the line painting marking the crossing.

Mr Brine said: “While clearly the accident is still being investigated, it is clear to many that the crossing could do with some work to tidy it up and freshen the markings for the benefit of pedestrians and drivers.

“It was a shocking accident that happened just before Christmas and we were all relieved the young man seems to have recovered so well.  All credit to Hampshire County Council, especially Ken Thornber, council leader, who came back to me promptly in person to confirm they have added the job to their summer programme when the warmer temperatures and dryer road surfaces are more suited to painting.”