THERE was a fashion bonanza in Winchester last week.

Winchester School of Art welcomed fashion experts from local businesses as well as London designers to a special event on Friday (Feb 1).

Marketing students put on presentations and exhibitions of their work to the experts looking at how economic trends will affect the industry in the future.

Amanda Bragg-Mollison, programme leader for BA fashion, said: “This is about students promoting their fashion marketing work and specifically their trend project work.

"Lots of people do not get the opportunity to go to London and understand economic, political and sociological trends and this will help our students benefit."

But the event also featured a last-minute fashion show organised by textile students just days before.

Colourful contemporary designs were shown off by models, with designs drawing inspiration from African tribes to characters from fiction.

Dominique Quinn, 21, knitwear student of Portsmouth, said: “A group of third year students have organised this event in just a few days and I think we have pulled it out of the hat so to speak as it was so last minute.”

Arati Subba, 21, a fashion design student of Nepal, added: “I'm really glad to be taking part. My design is inspired by the White Witch from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and her loss of power.”