AN Alresford nursery is tracking down former children for an anniversary party.

Patchwork Day Nursery & Preschool, based at Perins School, Alresford, is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2013 and wants to commemorate the event with a grand reunion.

The nursery was opened in May 1993 by television presenter Dr Hilary Jones and had just 15 places.

But now its numbers have doubled with nine places available for under-two-year-olds, 12 places for two to three-year-olds and 18 places for children aged three to five.

The Patchwork team wants to invite all past members and parents to the party in the summer.

Manager Nicola Baxter, who has worked at the nursery for 17 years, said: “We would like to do something special to mark our 20th birthday and thought it would be fun to catch up with everyone who has worked and played at Patchwork over the years.

“The oldest ones will now be in their mid-twenties so it would be great to meet them, find out what they are doing now and what they remember of Patchwork.”

The nursery is run by the Perins Community Team and business manager Clive Surrey added: “We are extremely proud of the work carried out by our nursery team and the birthday reunion is a great opportunity to celebrate its success.

“We hope we can track down as many of the children as possible. Many will currently be students at Perins and the local primary schools so we hope they will join us for the summer party.”

A date has yet to be confirmed for the party but any former nursery members can contact the team via