IT was enough to make a community support officer blush when a Winchester lingerie shop tried some unusual marketing.

Two friends of members of staff at Boudoir Blush stripped to their boxers to hand out flyers on Winchester High Street.

Shop manager Imogen Tatem-Lockwood said initially a PCSO was unhappy but it transpires the shop in Parchment Street is breaking no regulations.

Joe Travis-Deane and Carl Forrest-Jones, both 22, have spent the last two Saturdays (DEC15+22) suffering for their friends in the cold and the rain.

Joe said; “It's a wierd one. But it's fun to see people's reactions. You hear a few things.”

Imogen said: “We find it hard to advertise ourselves on this side street as you are not allowed advertising boards or signs. It is hard to get people to come from the High Street. So we thought we would make a bit of a statement.”