SIR — I am very pleased to see that, at long last, questions are being asked as to why on earth an important lay-by between Sutton Scotney and Christmas Hill has been blocked off.

The digging of a trench right along the lay-by, plus mounds of earth, is nothing less than an act of vandalism by Hampshire County Council.

I would like to know what the total cost to rate-payers has been? What an eyesore it is now!

The lay-by is used by many people, including drivers and their instructors.

It is an important rest area for both car and lorry drivers, because as HCC should know, ‘tiredness can kill’ on the roads.

The mentality behind this is yet again extreme nimbyism, an attempt to sanitize the countryside around Winchester.

Please put my name on the petition to keep the kebab van.

J B McQuade, Groves Close, South Wonston.