A plea to whoever owns me!

4:55pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

SIR — I have heard, from a reliable source, that the Horse And Rider bronze statue by the Law Courts has been removed for essential repairs; but what about me?

Information on Graham Hawkins

5:00pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

SIR — In 1998 the City of Winchester Trust, then the Winchester Preservation Trust, was bequeathed a collection of historic slides of old Winchester, by a gentleman named Graham Hawkins.

Chinese Lanterns hazard to wildlife

4:58pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

SIR — Chinese lanterns are lightweight frames which gently float into the air powered by the heat of a candle.

Park and ride schemes lead to more cars on our roads

4:53pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

SIR — The planning application for the Pitt Manor development makes the extraordinary claim that it will reduce traffic on the Romsey Road.

Living in a fantasy world

3:18pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

SIR — the letter from Cllr Melville Kendal in last week’s Chronicle cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

Art spend is justifiable

3:24pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

SIR — Your lead article and comment of February 11 questioned the merits of spending public money on modern artwork by local artists. This was a reference to Hampshire County Council’s Art in Offices collection, built up over the last 20 years, and displayed in council offices, corridors, meetings rooms and reception areas of public buildings.

Pitt Manor: the message is clear

3:23pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

SIR — Your paper has recently been full of articles and letters declaring dismay and anger at the scale and number of developments being approved and considered by the city council (eg 90 homes on greenfield site at Francis Gardens; 2,000 homes on greenfield site at Barton Farm; 56-bed, 60-staff carehome on site of Stanmore Hotel).

City can’t wait to have stain removed

3:21pm Wednesday 24th February 2010

SIR — I have never previously been to Winchester, so on Monday, February 15, I decided to give your historic city a visit.

Pitt Manor plan thin end of wedge

4:12pm Wednesday 17th February 2010

SIR — I write to you in astonishment that yet another greenfield site within Winchester, Pitt Manor, is being proposed for development — this time for 200 dwellings and a park & ride scheme.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

4:11pm Wednesday 17th February 2010

SIR — Your front page article (Chronicle, February 4) about halting the spread of student housing in Winchester was no doubt welcomed by residents of Stanmore, Winnall and Weeke.

Credit where due to county council

4:08pm Wednesday 17th February 2010

SIR — Recent attacks on Conservative-led Hampshire County Council by Lib Dems are so unfair that it seems they are politically motivated.

Bureaucrats prevail in canine abduction

3:58pm Friday 5th February 2010

SIR — On Friday, January 15, my dog went missing from woodland near the Morestead Road.

Silver Hill collapse more of a blessing

3:56pm Friday 5th February 2010

SIR — Mark Oaten considers the failure of the Silver Hill redevelopment to be a “disaster” (Chronicle, January 14).

Loss of first greenfield site

3:53pm Friday 5th February 2010

SIR — Your report (Chronicle, January 28) concerning the decision to allow Redrow Homes to proceed with the controversial 90 home development adjacent to Francis Gardens, failed to draw attention to the fact that this is the first Greenfield Reserve Site to fall to developers.

Return this duty to ward sisters

3:52pm Friday 5th February 2010

SIR — With reference to Roger Slade’s letter (Chronicle, January 14) I’m convinced that modern cleaning practices are at the root of failures in hospital hygiene.

Take the time to really look at what Tower is doing

10:47am Friday 29th January 2010

SIR — Page five of last week’s Chronicle featured a councillor criticising the Tower Arts Centre for its lack of a programming, while, on page 11 of the 7 Days supplement, there contained a full-page advertisement for the comprehensive programme that is in fact in place.

Brooks needs help, but isn’t critical

10:45am Friday 29th January 2010

SIR — Let’s not make a crisis out of the drama of Bhs leaving The Brooks, Winchester.

His experience doesn’t match mine

10:46am Friday 29th January 2010

SIR — I started to read Roger Slade’s letter with some astonishment. His claims bore no relationship to my experience in the Royal Hampshire County Hospital after an abdominal operation before Christmas.

Authorities are too complacent

10:43am Friday 29th January 2010

SIR — In your article last week on the Andover Road closure, you gave a phone number at the end of the article for people to contact Network Rail to voice concerns about the road closures.

Raising short-term car park charges won’t help business

4:58pm Wednesday 20th January 2010

SIR — What Cllr Beckett doesn’t address in his response to my letter (Chronicle letters, December 31) is my suggestion that Winchester City Council will hurt shop traders by raising car park charges.

Council should also promote the social well-being of city

4:56pm Wednesday 20th January 2010

SIR — Re the traders in the unlovely Casson block on St George’s Street.

Car-share scheme deserves praise

4:54pm Wednesday 20th January 2010

SIR — I would like to congratulate Hampshire County Council for providing an excellent carshare shuttle service for those of us stranded at the southern end of St Cross Road during the current road closure.

Stop wasting our council tax

5:12pm Wednesday 13th January 2010

SIR — As I write, it is Tuesday morning, January 5. I have just returned from a journey into Winchester.

Clock repairs progressing

5:11pm Wednesday 13th January 2010

SIR — I would like to reassure readers of the accuracy of my letter (Chronicle letters December 3) in which I referred to the repairs being undertaken on the High Street clock. The work was scheduled to begin yesterday (Wednesday, January 13), snow permitting, when the remains of the clock will be taken by Smiths of Derby for repair and restoration. This delicate work will take approximately five to six weeks, after which scaffolding will be erected to repair the structure of the clock armature and the face will be replaced. Hopefully by mid-March the clock will be fully restored and enhancing the High Street once more. Members of the historic environment team at Winchester City Council are always willing to deal with enquiries from members of the public, and they may be contacted using the council’s Customer Service Centre number which is 01962 840222, or by email to adavidson@Winchester.gov.uk.

Safe pavements are surely our right

5:09pm Wednesday 13th January 2010

SIR — As chairs of Highcliffe and Winnall Community Forums respectively, we would like, through the courtesy of your columns, to say how much we agree with the criticism of the county council expressed in several of your letters recently for failing to grit so many of our pavements.

Car parking around store a growing issue

2:10pm Friday 20th November 2009

SIR — It’s already started, with Waitrose up and running, their staff have taken to parking just inside the Fromond Road turning.

Sending out the wrong message

2:00pm Friday 20th November 2009

SIR — In its haste to tidy up Winchester, the city council has now decreed that the use of temporary roadside signs to advertise theatrical productions at Winchester’s own Theatre Royal is now forbidden.

It’s about time this clock was fixed

2:08pm Wednesday 18th November 2009

SIR — For several months, a popular landmark of the High Street has looked very sorry for itself.

Politicians to blame for traffic mess

2:00pm Friday 13th November 2009

SIR — It’s a bit rich for Cllr Lipscomb to shed tears over traffic problems around the proposed Aldi development (Chronicle, October 29).

Too many licensed taxis doesn’t help

2:00pm Friday 13th November 2009

SIR — In reply to the the dispute over a taxi fare (Chronicle letters, October 8), it seems to me that the driver did not cover the diversion to Alresford and found that he undercharged which would have partly been his fault.

Residents’ concerns almost irrelevant

1:50pm Friday 13th November 2009

SIR — Re the story about taxpayers having to foot the bill for the planning ‘bungle’ over Aldi (Chronicle, October 29).

A possible vision of the future that we must not let go

2:20pm Friday 6th November 2009

SIR — During that week when the traffic lights were not working in Winchester, I shared with others a most enlightening experience.

Surgery move favours car use

2:20pm Friday 6th November 2009

SIR — In your report (Hampshire Chronicle, October 29) it is stated that Friarsgate Practice says getting to the new surgery “could not be easier, as the building is situated on many existing bus routes”. That claim is outrageous.

Licensing policy is clearly inadequate

2:20pm Friday 6th November 2009

SIR — Re your excellent editorial concerning the granting of a licence to sell alcohol to the BP station in St Cross Road, I would like to make the following comments.

Student parking needs addressing

3:40pm Friday 30th October 2009

SIR — I read with considerable interest the article in the Hampshire Chronicle (October 15), regarding student parking, and one man’s three-hour crusade in the Stanmore area, as the residents in the roads around Bereweeke Avenue are afflicted in a similar manner by the students attending Peter Symonds College.

Why do they need constant reminders?

3:40pm Friday 30th October 2009

SIR — Can anyone tell me why every year without fail we, the residents of Poles Lane, have to contact our county councillor, Charlotte Bailey, to ask her to try and get the council to clear the gulleys and gulley pots?

No singing in the library!

3:40pm Friday 30th October 2009

SIR — This would appear to be the case with Winchester Discovery Centre. Despite four separate requests for the staff to put up a poster advertising the forthcoming production of Cavalleria Rusticana and Trial by Jury at the Theatre Royal by Winchester Operatic Society, there is still no poster on display.

New Barton Farm layout creates more problems than it solves

3:50pm Friday 30th October 2009

SIR — Having visited the CALA Homes exhibition to see their revised plan for the proposed development at Barton Farm, I have to conclude that the new layout creates more problems than it solves.

Access to great care in Winchester

3:40pm Friday 30th October 2009

SIR — I wondered if you would be interested in my two positive experiences of the RHCH?

Litter allegation unfounded, insists marathon organiser

3:10pm Thursday 22nd October 2009

Sir — Re Mr Hughes’s letter in last week’s issue, it is unfortunate that he clearly cannot appreciate the benefit and enjoyment that events like the Clarendon Way Marathon give to so many people. I am sad for him if he finds the site of “panting, perspiring men and women” so upsetting.

No loos bad news

3:10pm Thursday 22nd October 2009

SIR — I visited the new Waitrose, to discover there are no lavatories there. I hear these will only be available when their coffee shop opens. Meanwhile, it would be expedient for the council to insist Waitrose install Portaloos, and, failing that, to suspend their opening until they are fully equipped.

What happened to Tesco free parking?

3:00pm Thursday 22nd October 2009

SIR — What a shame Tesco doesn’t display a board as you enter, saying: “New store, new parking. Have you paid and displayed?”

Tarmac must only be temporary

3:07pm Wednesday 21st October 2009

SIR — In Winchester, signs have been erected declaring that “improvements to the footpaths in High Street are under way” and I’m sure most people are glad to hear that the sometimes dangerous paving is being replaced.

Post office wait not remarkable

4:40pm Thursday 8th October 2009

SIR — I am amazed that your correspondent thinks a 19-minute wait at our new post office is bad.

Take note of taxi details

4:39pm Thursday 8th October 2009

SIR — My daughter and four friends rang for a taxi in the early hours of a Friday morning from Winchester Station to bring them home to Ropley, with a drop-off in Alresford.

Pitch was the best place for kebab van

4:36pm Thursday 8th October 2009

SIR — Regarding your article re the closure of the lay-by near Sutton Scotney, thereby excluding a popular kebab van, I would like to make the following observations.

Lay-by trench is an act of vandalism

4:34pm Thursday 8th October 2009

SIR — I am very pleased to see that, at long last, questions are being asked as to why on earth an important lay-by between Sutton Scotney and Christmas Hill has been blocked off.

Encountering a weighty problem

2:57pm Wednesday 30th September 2009

SIR — Last Monday my teenage daughter began her long trek back to university at Winchester railway station.

Jargon creates a distorted picture

2:56pm Wednesday 30th September 2009

SIR — Your article on page 13 (Chronicle, September 10) used an example of ‘planners’ jargon’ to describe the Barton Farm countryside.

A something for nothing society

2:54pm Wednesday 30th September 2009

SIR — I cannot believe the audacity of our Government to assume that I, as a law-abiding, tax-paying member of society, would be happy to pay for drug addicts to receive free drugs in so-called ‘shooting galleries’.


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