TARGETED squarely at his country’s rulers, The Hunter is a drama-cum-thriller from Iranian director Rafi Pitts.

Showing at Harbour Lights in Southampton this weekend, the film focuses on Ali who has been recently released from prison.

He works the night shift as a security guard in Tehran, relishing his time with his wife Sara and six-year-old daughter.

Against the backdrop of the tumultuous recent elections, the pressures upon Ali become unbearable when his wife is accidentally killed and his daughter disappears.

He snaps and shoots two policemen.

Fleeing to the northern forest, he is captured by two officers.

Resigned to his fate, Ali watches quietly as the arguing policemen lose their way in the woods.

The situation becomes increasingly complicated and the line between hunter and hunted difficult to define.

The Hunter will be screened at Harbour Lights at Ocean Village, Southampton, tomorrow and on Sunday at 1.50pm.