Beginning, Middle and End Southampton Film Week, in conjunction with the arts organisation a space, is pleased to offer you the opportunity to see work by established and emerging artists working with moving image at the Bargate Monument Gallery.

The show will consist of three successive exhibitions, each of two weeks duration. Whilst thematically related through broad notions of beginning, middle and end, the works are diverse in context, content and form, providing insight into the range of contemporary practice in this field.

October 9 and 10

The “Queen” at home

To mark the launch of the new Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth. Screening of archive film of the original Queen Elizabeth and other liners, curated by David Lee, Wessex Film and Sound Archive at the Museum of Archaeology.

October 910

Sound and Vision Part 2

Showcasing the city’s fusion electronic scene alongside short films and visual artists, a space in partnership with Music in the City are delighted to bring together the following: Nic Bradford, A Ninja Slob Drew Me, Blue Ducks, Hairy Hands, Natalie Data performs with live improvised visuals, Haelu, Warm Eye, Alex Young, Morgan Hislop and City Eye at The Bargate Monument Gallery.

October 910

Music and Film

Young peoples’ workshop at The SoCo Music Project Creative Hub in the Bargate Shopping Centre.

October 910

Michael Apted Interview and Solent Fellowship Award director, writer, |producer, cinematic raconteur from BBC television to Hollywood film

Michael Apted will be interviewed by Tony Steyger and celebrated on stage in this exclusive event. A career that spans fiction and documentary film-making has seen Michael work with such notable actors as Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and Robert Carlyle in features ranging from the Bond film, The World is Not Enough (1999), to the historical drama Amazing Grace (2007) and most recently directing the fantastical third Chronicles of Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

To book for the event, at Southampton Solent University, call 023 8067 7167.

October 910

Screening: The Solo A film by Andrew Cross featuring Carl Palmer Film Screening and Q&A

Among rock instrumentals the drum solo is unique in that typically, it is always unaccompanied and independent to the style and structure of any song. Perhaps because of these qualities the status of the drum solo has never been certain. Popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s they developed into extremes of virtuosity and showmanship. Maligned by some, drum solos have since ceased to be regular concert features. In this engaging film, attention is directed away from rock concert spectacle and the burden of music fashion to focus on a singularity of form and musicality. Following the screening, Andrew Cross will talk about this film and will be available to answer your questions at The Soul Cellar.

October 1010

Silent Classics

The Turner Sims presents an afternoon of film and music featuring some of the greatest names in 1920s comedy. Chaplin returns home from a boozy night out… but where’s the bed? Harold Lloyd performs daredevil stunts, Stan and Ollie attempt to sell Christmas trees in California, whilst Buster Keaton and his new bride |struggle to assemble their wonderful wedding gift – a house! John Lene-han will |perform his own scores, arrangements of music from the period and improvisation – all methods adopted by |musicians in the 1920s.

October 10

I’m a Community Film-maker

Screening and Q&A screening and |panel discussion with six of the south east’s leading practitioners of Community Filmmaking at City Eye. During this |session you will get to see and hear |what it really means to use film as a means of social communication with all groups of people.

October 10

The Alexandra Beer Emporium Film Quiz

A massive film-themed quiz. Teams of any size can come and test their |film knowledge. A great evening for |the frivolous film fanatic or the |serious film buff!

October 11

The Alexandra Beer Emporium Screening Night

An eclectic mix of films, many |produced locally. The Alex is an amazing treasure trove of film memorabilia and movie artwork and is fully equipped to offer a comfortable evening viewing |films via any of the pub’s five indoor |and one outdoor screens.

October 11

3D Stereoscopic Production Workshop

An introductory 3D Stereoscopic Production Workshop that will guide you through some of the codes, conventions and considerations required when shooting in 3D! An innnovative, experimental and accessible approach to this resurgent film form at Southampton Solent University.

October 12

Short Story cinema

Following last year’s successful |sojourn into the world of short film |we once again have a range of shorts |to screen for your pleasure, your |scrutiny and of course for your |interest. For film-makers, film |enthusiasts and the curious come |along and meet the producers, |writers and directors at Southampton Solent University.

October 13

Controversies: Sex on Screen

An illustrated talk about early film images of sex, pornography and the taboo for over 18s at Southampton Solent University.

October 13 and 14

UK premiere Harishchandrachi

Factory Art Asia, The Phoenix and City Eye present the UK premiere of Harishchandrachi Factory, a joyful and funny glimpse at the birth of Indian |cinema. Harishchandrachi Factory is a wonderfully romantic film that tells the tale of Dadasaheb Phalke, the first man to make a feature length film in India (1913) and therefore hold claim to being the father of the Indian film industry. The |film is the story of how he and his family and friends shared this crazy adventure and so became pioneers in the 20th |century’s newest art form. Watch at Southampton University.

October 14

Screening: Gilad and All that Jazz |followed by a Q&A with the film’s |director Golriz Kolahi and producer, David Alamouti.

A portrait of Gilad’s life, music and writing, showing Britain’s most famous jazz player close-up and personal at Southampton Solent University. October 15 From Script and Screen – A Film Producing Masterclass with Bruce Windwood Do you have a burning ambition to make a film but don’t know where to start? This day-long masterclass explores the myth that film producing is a ‘dark art’ and shows that anyone with passion and drive can make a film. Led by multi-award-winning film producer Bruce Windwood, the class strips away the mystique of film-making and explains in a very practical ‘nuts and bolts’ kind |of way, how to make and then sell your film. It takes place at Southampton Solent University.

Book by calling 023 8067 7167

October 15

Screening: Twelve In A Box plus Q&A

The English premiere screening of the film, produced by Bruce Windwood at Southampton Solent University.

They were only 96 hours away from collecting a fortune. It was as simple as that. Then someone dropped dead – and things started to get a bit more complicated. Twelve in a Box is a tightly orchestrated comedy that barely pauses for breath as it heads towards a ‘Will-they-or-won’t-they-succeed?’ climax. With deaths, sexual intrigue, kidnapping and spiralling levels of farce and confusion, the film follows in the best traditions of an Ealing comedy.

To book, visit

October 15

Drive in Movie – Dirty Dancing (1987)

Have the time of your life! Enjoy this 80s all-dancing |classic, in the comfort of your own car at the first of the drive in movies at the West Quay 3 site at Western Esplanade. Tickets |available on the night or call |023 8071 1811.

October 16

Brit Chic (BFI Mediatheque on Tour) Fashion on Film 1946-1989

Back by popular demand! Celebrate the nation’s knack for cutting-edge couture with this kaleidoscopic film |and TV survey of post-war British |fashion from the BFI National Archive at Southampton City Art Gallery. From utility to utopia, high end to high street, Brit Chic salutes the trends and trend setters who heightened our sartorial senses and inspired today’s trail-|blazing British designers.

October 16

The Search for Shangri-la (BFI Mediatheque on Tour)Tibet on |Film 1922-1950

The opportunity to visit a hidden world has always fascinated travellers and explorers. This selection of films from the BFI National Archive reveals extraordinary images taken in Tibet from 1922 –1950. See them at Southampton City Art Gallery.

October 16

Steve Severin: Blood |of a Poet

It makes perfect sense that one of the most innovative forces in alternative music would apply his talent |to one of the most innovative forces in cinema. Live and in person, Steven Severin takes poetic license in presenting an avant-garde musical event steeped in the darkness and light of seductively surreal images |by Jean Cocteau on screen at Harbour Lights Picturehouse.

Book at

October 16

Drive in Movie – Forrest Gump (1994)

Join Forrest as he travels across the world, his incorrigible character and devotion to his loved ones and duties, brings him into many life-changing situations.

To book for the event, at West Quay 3, call 023 8071 1811

October 17

1930s Southampton

To celebrate the dramatic transformation of Guildhall Square (due to open this autumn) Southampton Film Week has a special screening of archive film of Southampton in the 1930s. The footage includes the royal opening of the |Guildhall and a insightful look around Southampton. Curated and introduced by David Lee of the Wessex Film and Sound Archive at Southampton City Art Gallery.

October 17

Section 6 – A film by Georgia Rainbow, Stephen Morrison, Jack Campbell-Smith, Abigail Bryan and Tom Furlonger

Winner at the 2010 U-Doc festival, this documentary looks at the lives of six squatters. It investigates how they became squatters, why they do it and whether it was by choice or necessity. The film tells the amazing stories that each of them have, including being forcibly removed by bailiffs, collecting food from skips and living with a blue man at Harbour Lights Picturehouse.

October 17

Mugabe, Me and a Million Tampons

The Karin Stowe film offers a unique insight into Zimbabwe, following the story of the transportation of tampons and sanitary aid to women in Zimbabwe. The film, in equal amounts of humour and shock, also follows a gonzo journey of a self-confessed washed-up photojournalist and born again film-maker as he witnesses colourful characters, shocking stories and corruption. Echoing old-style documentary films, it is often observational and reflective and showing at Harbour Lights Picturehouse |

October 17

Bollywood Drive in Movie – Mughal E Azam (1960)

Presented by Big Bear Events in association with Unity 101 This epic Bollywood classic |is one not to be missed... Mughal E Azam is one of the biggest Bollywood box office hits ever. Forbidden love, lavish set and big song numbers retells a popular Indian tale, loosely based on an episode in the life of the Mughal Prince Salim. Salim falls in love with Anarkali, a court-dancer. He wants to marry her, however, the jealous Bahaar, a dancer of a |higher rank, wants the crown of India. At West Quay 3. Call 023 8071 1811