THE next show at the Plaza Theatre in Romsey will be The Weekend.

Written by Michael Palin, it runs from Tuesday March 11 to Saturday March 15, at 7.30pm.

Cantankerous, world-weary and generally grumpy... think of an adjective synonymous with ‘crabby’ and it will apply to Stephen Febble.

All he wants is a quiet life but, to his horror, his long-suffering wife Virginia fills the house with guests for the weekend. Not only do his daughter Diana, gormless son-in-law Alan, precocious grand-daughter Charlotte and their incontinent dog arrive, but his best friend, his wife and her smooth chiropodist lover turn up for dinner.

In turn exasperated, frustrated and irritated, Stephen responds in his normal fashion — reaching for the whisky (in large amounts) and for the sarcasm (in even larger amounts).

To book a seat, visit or call the Romsey Tourist Information Centre on 01794 512987. Tickets are £11, with group discounts available. The play is not suitable for children under 12.